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Key Therapy LLC is a counseling center comprised of experienced therapists working together to provide high quality, mental and emotional health treatment options for individuals, families, couples, adolescents and children. We work within the context of your life and relationships to address negative, reoccurring patterns and help you find new ways to grow and succeed. We offer day, night and weekend hours and accept most insurances.

With over 13 offices on site you are sure to find a therapist that fits your needs and your schedule. 


When you call Key Therapy a trained therapist will listen to your needs and help you explore your options. He or she will then match you with someone who is trained in your specific area of concern. Together we are all committed to helping you connect with the best therapist for you and your family.

Psycho-educational Assessments

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Proper diagnosis and treatment can change your child's life.

According to a recent national survey, over 13 million children from ages 4-17 have already been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. If your child is frustrated, reactive, out of control, impulsive, angry, non-compliant, forgetful, disorganized, easily distracted, or self defeating, ask your therapist about getting them tested.  To learn more about ADD/ADHD and how it impacts both chiildren and adults, please visit:

This Month's KEY Features:

Services offered: 

            In-home Therapy through the OPEN DOORS PROJECT

Key Therapy LLC is now offering in-home professional counseling for individuals, families, couples and kids

Is getting to an office difficult due to mobility limitations, scheduling, or mental health conditions such as anxiety, phobias or depression? Are you trying to manage a situation that would be best treated in your own home? We now offer the option of having a licensed therapist visit you in your home, at your convenience. Key Therapists are available to work with you, without judgement, to help you develop greater skills, reduce conflict, process loss and trauma,  improve family function and communication, and increase your overall sense of well being.  We work with everyone from pre-school, to the elderly - helping couples, families, individuals recovering from illnesses or accidents, anxious or resistant teens, the homebound, and more. Call us for an appointment or to learn more about this option. Insurances accepted including Husky, Medicare, Medicaid, BC/BS. Cigna, and Aetna.

To talk to someone about Open Doors call  (203) 936-9488

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An MFTA is a resident therapist under supervision that has graduated from their program and is working to complete their hours required for licensure in the state of Connecticut. An MFTA has a Master's degree, has already completed over 500 hours of therapy and over 100 hours of supervision as part of their graduate program. MFTAs are available at Key for a discounted rate, only slightly higher than our AGS, and at a significantly lower rate than a fully licensed clinician.

Option 3.)

Certified Coaching

Coaching is not the same as therapy, but if you find you are struggling with normative life transitions; decision making, goal setting, career choices, failure to launch, communication, or even relationship issues, coaching might be an excellent option for you. Non-pathologizing, strengths-based and to the point. Coaching is also available at a lower per-session rate with discounts for multiple sessions.

Option 4.)

Support Groups

We offer several groups to help you feel connected and find the support you need.

To learn more about any of these affordable options call or email us today!

Key Features

Low Cost Therapy Options

Are finances keeping you from getting the help you need?

High insurance deductibles and lack of coverage for specialists is a problem for many people, especially when it comes to mental health care. It seems more private health insurance companies are not covering mental health, more clinicians are not taking insurance and even when our policies do include therapy and we find someone in our network- many of us have to pay thousands of dollars to meet a deductible before we see any insurance benefit. If it's between paying for a therapist or paying the mortgage- who are you going to choose? That's why at Key Therapy we have options!

Option 1.)

Advanced Graduate Students (AGS)

An AGS is a graduate student who is in the latter part of their education; who has been trained in the art of therapy including assessments, treatment planning, therapeutic interventions and cultural and ethical considerations. AGSs are highly supervised, have advanced training, are often enthusiastic in their practice, eager to help and to learn. AGSs can be mature adults who have had a variety of life experiences, previous related experience and/or a passion for the field or they can sometimes be younger individuals who are highly relatable to children and teens as well as young adults.

Option 2.)

Marriage & Family Therapy Associate (MFTA)

If you are unsure about working with an AGS or feel you might need someone with a little more training, consider an MFTA.


        Now at Key:  Career Coaching


with a certified PROFESSIONAL coach


Discover your strengths and talents, develop direction, improve your management skills, prepare your resume, reach your goals. Click HERE to learn more



(For Open Doors click here)


Richard Gorman, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor




Samantha Birtwell, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist




Kathleen Treacy, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker




Emi Fukuda, MA, EdM, LPC

(English and Spanish Speaking)

Licensed Professional Counselor




Julia Teitelbaum, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker




Christopher Gergovich, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker




Nancy Vernooy, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist




Sudha Veeraraghav, MA, M.Phil., LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor


(203) 816-0062


Stefanie Bartfield, MS, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist




Ryan Passarelli, MA, NCSP, LPC

Nationally Certified School Psychologist

Licensed Professional Counselor




Jessica Blackman, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Socialworker




Holly Marini, MSN, APRN, LADC

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse




Jose Olmo, MSW, LCSW

(English and Spanish Speaking)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker



Kristin Grasso, MS, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist




Melissa Edwards, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker




Lisa Hughes, MA, NCC, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor




Joshua Valinsky, MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner



Dana L Saad, MSW, LCSW, RYT 200

Licensed Clinical Social Worker



Briana Marino, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker









Teen Issues, 



Substance Abuse

Medication Management, 

Relationship Issues,



Parenting Concerns, 

Family Therapy,  


Divorce and Co-Parenting,

Pre-Marital Counseling

Sex/Intimacy Issues,

Postpartum & Fertility Related Issues,

Sibling Relationships,

Anger Management, 

Life Coaching,

Grief and Loss, 


Impulse Behaviors, 

Child/Adolescent Therapy 

Attachment Issues, 




Somatic Interventions




Insurances accepted:

Cigna, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Husky, Medicaid, and Aetna. Some clinicians also accept Medicare and Optum insurances. If you are out of network we can process your claims for you to minimize your out of pocket expenses. 


Night and weekend appointments available.

To make an appointment or learn more about our services call:


Need to contact our  billing department? Reach Heather at:

(475) 731-3434


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