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Often it can be very difficult to discern at what point substance use has become substance abuse. Occasional occurances that become more frequent habits- habits that that become rituals, rituals that becomes obstacles to connection with your partner, your children or even your own sense of self.


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If you have a loved one who is telling you there's a problem, it may be time to reflect on where you are and where you would like to be. Seeking help to guide you back to your true path takes courage and accountability. When you're ready to take those steps Key Therapy offers compassionate counseling for individuals experiencing difficulties related to substance use or addiction, as well as support for partners and families of those individuals who are struggling.

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Substance abuse can interfere with many aspects of life including intimate relationships, family, work, self care, sexual function, your physical health, and your overall ability to feel good about yourself and your choices. When mal-adaptive coping strategies become more central than the people in your life, conflict increases, self respect and self esteem decrease and the cycle draws you deeper into negative patterns.  Support is essential to recovery and because of that we strongly recommend  that you participate in a 12 step program in addition to your therapy process. For a list of AA and Al-Anon meetings in the area click here: