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High School can be a difficult transition to adulthood. It can make some young people question their value, lose confidence or feel uncertain as to their direction.  I help teens identify and develop their innate strengths and areas of excellence, which boosts confidence and creates a greater sense of competency. In the process, I help families better understand why communication breaks down, where their differences come from and how to work together for better outcomes. Together we unlock hidden potential in your teen and discover strategies for success.  Your teen will gain confidence, increase internal motivation and have a greater sense of what they need in order to succeed. Ages 14+


Is your teenager

reaching their full potential?


Are you someone who feels dissatisfied, underutilized, disconnected or trapped in a job you hate? Are you struggling to figure out what you would be good at or what you would enjoy doing for a career?  Are you in transition between jobs and looking for a way forward? By better understanding your innate strengths and talents, including understanding what you need in order to be happy and productive, we can begin to uncover what type of work would bring you a greater sense of satisfaction.



With 10 years experience in HR and Talent Management, I help those in transition find success.


Are you at a loss

when it comes to your career?

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Are you, or is someone you know,  struggling to find your way after college?  Unsure about your direction? Your major? Your career? Uncertain about the best way to enter the work world?  


I help college students find direction and launch into to successful, satisfying careers. Don't spend years struggling on the wrong career path. Instead, start off with the insight and understanding you need in order to make the best career decisions for you.



failure to launch?


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Justin is a highly skilled speaker, facilitator, and coach, spending his entire career helping people learn and develop. He is noted for his energy and enthusiasm, and the insight he brings to his coaching.  


Justin works with universities, non-profit agencies, corporations, schools, individuals and teens including whole families. He helps people and teams better understand their innate talents, strengths and potential as well as helping people gain insight into their personal and professional needs, behaviors, patterns, and style of communication. His work has taken him around the globe including Europe, Africa, and Asia.


Justin Birtwell

  • Certified StrengthsFinder Coach

  • Certified Meyers Briggs Practitioner

  • Certified Performance and Learning  Professional CPLP

  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

  • MS Computer Science

  • BA Comparative Literature

  • BS Civil Engineering

  • 10 Years of HR Experience

  • 20 Years of Talent Development Experience

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